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2018 EOA/MO-KAN-NE Scholarships


EOA and MKN are committed to holistically assisting in the development of approximately 200,000 students served in the various TRIO programs within its boundaries. The Association has been very proactive in adopting cutting-edge measures in reaching out to first-generation, low-income and students with disabilities. Annually, EOA distributes several scholarships and awards to deserving recipients that have overcome a myriad of personal obstacles.

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 scholarship competitions are now live. Please use the following links to apply. Links to instructions for staff and for students can also be found below.


For your convenience, the MO-KAN-NE Board of Directors scholarship application on Scholarship Central will be used for both the MO-KAN-NE and EOA Board of Directors scholarships. If your student has already completed the application on the EOA website, I will be contacting you directly. Please contact Tameka Herrion at with questions or for assistance applying.

MO-KAN-NE and EOA Board of Directors Scholarship:

MO-KAN-NE Veteran’s Scholarship:

Rising TRIO Achiever Scholarship:

TRIO Works! Scholarship:

Tamara Smith Scholarship: Instructions and Guidelines - 2018 Scholarship Competition (Download)

2018 Scholarship Guidelines

Guidelines for Staff and Nominators - 2018 Scholarship Competition (Download)

Guidelines for Students - 2018 Scholarship Competition (Download)

**PLEASE BE ADVISED…There is a separate application process for EOA scholarships.**

To apply for EOA scholarships, the applicant must visit with an EOA member. The member must be logged in for the student to complete the EOA scholarship applications. You can view the 2018 EOA Scholarship Manual via the following link:

Good Luck!

Tameka Herrion, Scholarship Chair

Tameka Herrion:
St. Louis Community Foundation
#2 Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: 314.880.4960
Fax: 314.588.8088


EOA Foundation

The EOA Foundation provides scholarships and awards to TRIO and educational opportunity program students in the ten-state region served by EOA.


PO Box 3443
Lawrence, KS 66046