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EOA Foundation - General Operating Fund
This account supports the general operations of EOAF and may be used for scholarships, development activities, stewardship, compliance, accountability, and other general operations of the foundation. Activities considered part of the general operations of the foundation include, but are not limited to, board member travel for meetings and development activities, accounting services, audits, strategic planning and board training, costs related to the distribution of scholarships and awards, marketing and communications, and developing and maintaining relationships with contributors, including EOA members and private foundation and corporate contributors and sponsors.
EOA Foundation - Silas Purnell Scholarship Fund
The Silas Purnell Scholarship Fund was established by the EOAF Board of Directors in 2000. Initial support was provided by two Foundation board members and the Illinois Chapter of EOA. The scholarship has been awarded annually since 2002 and is fully endowed to provide at least one scholarship annually. Silas Purnell worked for Talent Search in Chicago, Illinois. He was known nationally as an advocate for equal access for low-income and first-generation students. Mr. Purnell developed a national alumni network of students who participated in his Talent Search Program in Chicago who have gone on to accomplish great things in higher education and in the private sector. Silas Purnell Scholarships are awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 on a rotating basis through the EOA chapters.
EOA Foundation - Ralph L. Pruitt Memorial Scholars
The Ralph L. Pruitt Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by EOAF. The Ralph L. Pruitt Memorial Scholarship was awarded directly by EOA until EOAF was created. The scholarship is now awarded annually by EOAF. Dr. Ralph L. Pruitt was a math professor at Cleveland State University in Ohio. Dr. Pruitt was one of the founders of EOA. Selection criteria include participation in a TRIO program in the relevant chapter for the year of selection, enrollment in or anticipated enrollment in an accredited two or four-year postsecondary institution, cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, and demonstrated significant involvement in co-curricular and/or community activities. The nominator must be a EOA member.
EOA Foundation - Emerging Leaders Scholarships
The Emerging Leaders Scholarship was established in 2001 when professionals enrolled in EOA’s Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) made an initial contribution of $300. The ELI class of 2002 established a goal to raise $2,002.00 for EOAF scholarships. Almost every ELI class since 2002 has held fundraisers during the EOA Annual Conference to support EOAF scholarships. The first Emerging Leaders Scholarship was awarded in 2014.

ELI scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $1,000 to a participating student within the EOA region. Selection criteria include participation in a TRIO program, enrollment in or anticipated enrollment in an accredited two or four-year post-secondary institution, cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, and demonstrated strong leadership in their community and/or advocacy efforts in their TRIO community. Each EOA chapter scholarship committee will select a semi-finalist. The EOA scholarship committee appoints readers to select the finalist each year.
EOA Foundation - Dr. James B Hamilton Scholarship
The Dr. James B. Hamilton Research Scholars awards help fund research projects that are consistent with the goals of EOA. Initial financial support for the fund was provided by the Michigan Chapter of EOA. Dr. Ruth Hamilton, Dr. Hamilton’s wife and Professor of Social Work at Michigan State University, continued to support the fund until her death in 2003.

Dr. James B. Hamilton was a faculty member in chemistry and Assistant Provost at Michigan State University. Dr. Hamilton was one of the earliest proponents of TRIO and EOP programs developing research and data to support the programs and services provided to low-income and first-generation students. The James B. Hamilton Research Scholars Award was created to honor Dr. Hamilton and the contributions he made to students, by the Michigan Chapter of EOA (MI-CAPP) and the EOA Foundation (EOAF).
EOA Foundation - Veterans Scholarship Fund
The Veterans Scholarship Fund was established after a Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) director approached the EOAF president and inquired why EOAF had not established a scholarship honoring veterans. Shortly afterward, a fund was established and EOAF began raising funds specifically to endow the Veterans Scholarship Fund. The first Veterans scholarship was awarded in 2014.

The Veterans’ Scholarship Fund provide scholarships for undergraduate education to applicants within the EOA region who are honorably discharged veterans or current members of the Armed Services (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserves, or National Guard) who are currently enrolled in or anticipating enrollment in an accredited two or four-year post-secondary institution. Applicants must be present or former participants in a TRIO/EOP program.
EOA Foundation - Arnold Mitchem & McNair Graduate
In 2014, EOAF acted to merge two separate funds each dedicated to supporting TRIO eligible students in the pursuit of graduate and professional degrees. This action increases EOAF’s capacity to provide awards for graduate study.

The Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowship Fund was created in 2008 to support TRIO students in their pursuit of doctoral study.

The Arnold Mitchem Graduate Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 by the Wisconsin Chapter of EOA to provide financial support for students pursuing graduate and professional degrees. This scholarship is named in honor of the first president of EOA and past president and founder of the Council for Opportunity in Education, a Washington DC organization dedicated to expanding higher education opportunities for low-income and first-generation, students with disabilities and veterans throughout the United States.
EOA Foundation - Charles Cantale Scholarship Fund
The Charles Cantale Scholarship Fund was established by the EOAF board of directors in 2000 and was initially funded by Charles Cantale. Mr. Cantale organized scholarship fundraising activities at EOA professional conferences beginning in 1982 and was a leader in assisting EOA in raising funds for and awarding scholarships. Mr. Cantale became a founding board member of EOAF in 1988 and its first president. The Cantale fund has not yet sufficiently grown to the point where it can dispense scholarship funds.

EOA Foundation

The EOA Foundation provides scholarships and awards to TRIO and educational opportunity program students in the ten-state region served by EOA.


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