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What is a TRIO Achiever?

A TRIO Achiever is an outstanding former TRIO participant that has received recognition within his/her profession or for outstanding academic achievement.  They are individuals who have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions. 

Melissa Ashford, Professor - Independence Community College

As a student I had access to resources that helped me not only succeed but to also excel. I believe in what TRIO stands for so much that I returned to my very own TRIO program to be a professional tutor. It has been the highlight of my career to be a part of helping young minds succeed even in the face of great adversity.

Melissa Ashford, excerpt from personal statement
In my role as President, Professor Ashford is one of the employees I turn to when there is an important project or initiative that needs to be done well. I have personally learned a great deal from her organizational skills and classroom approach. Professor Ashford's demeanor is one that not only has made her a pleasure with whom to work, but will not doubt ensure her continued success as a faculty member and is part of the basis for my prediction that she will further distinguish herself professionally. She is generous of her time, industrious, thoughtful, and reliable. I can recommend her unreservedly.

Daniel Barwick PhD., President - Independence Community College, excerpt from nomination letter


Destinie Roque, Professor - Crowder College

Education was not a priority in my family, and I had not even heard of college until the second grade. As my second grade teacher strolled around the room to the sound of the processional hymn, she spoke of diplomas, graduation and a higher education. That day I went home with storing ambitions to go to a place where education could expand to its highest potential, in a place called college. My dreams soon diminished when my stepmother revealed to me that I would not be going to college because we simply could not afford it. She told me I would have to make good grades in order to receive scholarships. So, that is just what I did. I became a perfectionist in my studies and excelled in all of my classes.

Destinie Roque, excerpt from personal statement

As the oldest child, it was obvious that Destinie served more of a mother role to her siblings. Even though her personal life demanded her to experience challenges that most of her peers never knew about. Her academic performance at school and her participation in Upward Bound showed true perseverance of her circumstances. 

Wade Williams, Crowder College Upward Bound, excerpt from nomination letter

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