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Members Involved in Leadership and Engagement (M.I.L.E.)


Are you looking for professional development opportunities for yourself or a staff member?  Do you want to learn more about educational opportunity programs?  Consider MKN’s pilot M.I.L.E. program!


Purpose:  The purpose of M.I.L.E. is to create a network of engaged TRIO/GEAR UP/EOP professionals, increase knowledge of MKN/MAEOPP/COE and the importance of state & federal advocacy, and think critically about enhancing the quality of the MKN Chapter.  


Target Members: Up to 12 MKN members who have less than five years as a professional in TRIO/GEAR UP/EOP and/or have had minimal involvement in MKN.  



  • February: Application period
  •  First week of March: Acceptance and commitment from M.I.L.E. applicants
  •  May to August:  On-line and/or individual learning
  •  September:  in-person, day-long training in conjunction with MKN Board meeting (lunch provided)
  •  October: online and/or individual learning if needed to complete curriculum
  •  November: recognition at Chapter luncheon at EOA
  •  April: Opening prior to the Annual Conference; participants also register for and attend the pre-conference session of their choice (networking, purpose, chapter-regional-national association info; overnight “retreat” type atmosphere) 


  • Includes, but is not limited to: history of educational opportunity program organizations, mentoring, leadership assessments/reflections, readings, MKN committee work, networking


  • meals included for April – Tues lunch and dinner, Wed lunch (as part of pre-conference); breakfast is on your own but can be submitted for reimbursement per MKN fiscal policies and procedures
  • a shared hotel room (prior to the MKN conference) is covered; arrangements will be made by MKN
  • lunch is included in September’s training
  • all training materials are provided

Participant Costs:  

  • Each M.I.L.E. participant (or program/institution) pays $75 to offset portion of costs of training materials, April lodging and meals, and September lunch
  • M.I.L.E. participant (or program/institution) covers mileage and meals during travel time

MKN MILE Application (2018)


EOA Foundation

The EOA Foundation provides scholarships and awards to TRIO and educational opportunity program students in the ten-state region served by EOA.


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